Art on Display

Old Barn in Woodstock, Georgia

Many people may not know that my love of photography originated with fine art.  My college years were spent studying the great artists of the past, and finding my own place in the big world of art.  I quickly took to photography, and began practicing my own skills.  After college, real life set in and I did not make much time for my art.  Now, if you are an artist, you know that being creative is apart of who you are, and you cannot keep it bottled for very long. This was true for me, and I decided it was time to get back into the fine art side of photography. 

Some of my fondest memories growing up were spent in the rural south, and images of rural photography have always drawn me in. I love finding the beauty in what others think is run down.  I love being able to capture a piece of history, and may of the images I have taken are already gone.

For the next two months, some of my work will be hanging at Choco u late’