What to Wear?

I always tell my clients to pick an outfit and color that looks the best on them. When choosing, pick something that is flattering and comfortable. Avoid clothing with writing or logos. Instead, mix it up with patterns and colors. Coordinating is always good, but avoid complete matching.

Where to Go?

My portrait sessions are done on location. There are so many beautiful places to choose from, and we can pick a place that works perfect for you.

What is a Boudoir Session?

A boudoir session is a collection of photographs of you in lingerie.  They are tasteful, sexy, beautiful, and remain completely private. These photos make a great gift for your love.  

Photography Rights?

With your investment, you do have the rights to your photographs. This means that you have my permission to print any photograph. However, I ask that you do no alter the images in any way.